Made in Europe in full transparency, we share behind-the-scenes stories from our factory. All our leather handbags and accessories are handcrafted by local purse makers in a small-scale cooperative in Warsaw. We co-founded this craft cooperative to provide a supportive workplace for our craftsmen and ensure the responsible production of our products. We thrive within this creative collective, committing our energy to every stage of the manufacturing process because we believe that each step contributes to the energy of the final product. Backed by years of experience in artisanal product development, our bags and accessories are distinguished by expert craftsmanship and finest quality. 


 by sourcing natural materials that meet high sustainability standards. The bovine leather used in our bags comes from Italian tanneries certified by the Sustainable Leather Foundation and is a by-product of the food industry. We often source leather stocks from the surpluses of other brands and fashion houses. By using excess materials, we reduce the environmental impact of overproduction and the harmful effects of chemical tanning processes and water consumption. We avoid overproducing inventory, with most of our collections manufactured in limited editions or made-to-order.


We’re constantly educating ourselves and seeking optimal solutions and innovative materials. While we haven’t yet found a suitable alternative to durable genuine leather, we remain optimistic that one will be developed sooner or later. Currently, we offer vegan solutions (not high-emission vegan materials, confusingly called eco-leather) made from cotton-viscose or palm trees braided materials and collaborate with artisans around the world. Additionally, we avoid using polyester in our linings and packaging, opting instead for linen and cotton canvases.


We offer post-purchase services for our customers, including accessories refreshing and minor repairs.


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