Are you sensitive to all sorts of ...washing? Do you feel that the words "sustainable" and "ethical" have lost their depth and become mere marketing tools?

If so, you're our kind of person: attentive, consciously choosing, and resilient to manipulation. As a designer and product developer for both my own brand and other major brands, I've come a long way from running my own workshop, learning the craft, to outsourcing. Even though I lived in Asia for many years, I've always remained loyal to European production. It's also a recognition of my Eastern European heritage, which I proudly embrace today. For a certain period of time, it felt that I have a real influence on quality and got to know the real people behind my products. For over a decade, I've been associated with a family-run factory in Poland where most of the bags under the NOVINSKA brand were created. I truly believe each manufacturing step contributes to the essence of the final product. 

So why is this model no longer working? With development and changes in the geopolitical situation, etc., I was forced to make more and more compromises. Our long-term collaboration with the factory became increasingly difficult: smaller productions were rushed with less attention to detail, and workers were tired of chaotic management. We tried to fix the situation, but our position as a small client didn't give us much room to maneuver. At the same time, our vision of production became increasingly uncompromising; we dreamed of creating a supportive workplace for our talented craftsmen and properly compensating them. 

We found a solution. By joining forces with other slow fashion brands in our field, we founded a cooperative craft workshop in Warsaw to provide a supportive workplace for our most skilled craftsmen and ensure the responsible production of our products. I understand you've likely encountered similar statements before, but I really stand by my brand with my name, delivering on our promises without empty words. This is the best possible form of employment and co-creation for today. We run the cooperative with two shoemakers, sharing some machines, supporting each other, and co-creating the extraordinary atmosphere of this creative space. Craftsmen are self-employed, motivated, working 40 hours a week (instead of 53 as before), and making the same or more money. We help them run this place operationally for our mutual interests. Their working conditions and perceived job satisfaction have significantly improved. We all do our work with mutual respect and passion. And you can feel that in the products we share with you!

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