Founded by Maria Novinska, the NOVINSKA brand reflects Maria’s multicultural background, blending European refinement with a practical approach to fashion. Centered around the concept of timeless designs with a twist, NOVINSKA accessories remain committed to expert craftsmanship honed by Italian artisans. Maria Novinska serves as the creative director of the NOVINSKA brand, is a co-founder of the Craft Collective in Warsaw, and mentors heart-centered entrepreneurs.

"As both a designer and a passionate entrepreneur,
I aim to create beautifully crafted products in the ethos of mindful luxury."

Maria Novinska

NOVINSKA accessories engage in a silent dialogue with the wearer, attentively addressing their needs while maintaining the brand’s signature aesthetic of classic designs with a modern twist.

Our beliefs

Our values

NOVINSKA bags are ethically made in a European craft cooperative that engages the finest local artisans from the Warsaw area.

We've co-created this artisanal cooperative to provide a supportive workplace for our craftsmen and ensure the responsible production of our products. We thrive within this creative collective, committing our energy to every stage of the manufacturing process because we believe each step contributes to the essence of the final product. Transparency plays a crucial role, so learn more about our craftsmanship and how we run the cooperative here.