NOVINSKA accessories are created in the ethos of mindful luxury. This means attentive creation with a focus on our customers. We create with you in mind, connecting through our products and aiming for you to experience a new sense of quality, beauty, joy, and empowerment. When you come to us, we offer a moment of delight away from the noisy fashion world. All our products are of premium quality, have an artisanal touch, and are affordable.

Our signature classic design is quiet but with a distinctive "spice." NOVINSKA lines are soft and curvy, appreciated above sharp edges. We prefer unstructured over structured, supple over stiff, and solid brass hardware over steel. NOVINSKA's timeless design is inspired by traditional craftsmanship honed by Italian artisans. Like the Italians who mastered beautiful design and expert craftsmanship, we do not compromise on design and quality, and our products are made to last. Many things constantly change around us, but our brand philosophy and values remain the same. They act as a compass guiding us through this crazy world of impermanence. 

NOVINSKA HANDBAGS have been featured in Vogue UK.

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