The NOWIŃSKA HANDBAGS was (and is) created in the ethos of "quiet luxury", in other words, it is a timeless design inspired by traditional craftsmanship honed by Italian artisans. Just like the Italians who mastered expert craftsmanship, we too do not compromise quality and our products are designed to last for years.

We believe silence is a new luxury amidst noisy times. We act in alignment with and listen to our inner selves. Our classic design is non-flashy, not loud, but with a characteristic "spice". Many things are constantly changing all around us but our brand philosophy and value continue to remain the same. They’re akin to a compass guiding us in this crazy world of impermanence.

NOWIŃSKA HANDBAGS have been featured in the Vogue UK.

Our roots reach back to the time when the founder of the brand - Maria Nowińska lived in Italy and became fascinated with "bottegas", workshops conducted by masters of various crafts. Italian designs were echoed around the world and made a big impression on the young designer: "Italians have the whole package: they’re highly skilled by hand, they’re great craftsmen, they know quality, materials, fashion as well as art history."

We learned from the best maestros who combined passion with craftsmanship and a love of beauty. Today, following our own inner voice of passion and developing the brand, we set high quality standards, without loosing sight of the pure joy that comes from creating in ease coupled with hint of Italian nonchalance.

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